Gate Information


The following is a brief description of how the automatic gates and telephone entry system at Fairway Estates work.

Entry by Residents: The residents will gain entry by means of a Micro click transmitter. Push the button on the transmitter and the gates will open. Once the vehicle has cleared the safety loop the gate will automatically close. Additional Micro click transmitters are available from the Homeowner's association.

The Micro click transmitters are coded by serial number and the serial number is recorded with the resident's name that it was issued to. If your transmitter is lost or stolen, that serial number can be taken out of the system and rendered invalid.

Entry by Visitors: Visitor's gain entry by using the telephone entry system. The visitor simply scrolls up the name of the resident they wish to visit and enter the three digit code displayed next to the residents name. The telephone entry system then dials your phone and if entry is to granted press nine (9) on your phone and the gate will open.

Neither your address nor phone number is displayed at the telephone entry screen. If you desire not to have your name listed, there will be no way for you to allow visitors to enter the subdivision when the gates are closed.

Exiting: All vehicles exit the exit gate by means of an exit loop. Drive on the loop and the exit gate will open. The exit gate will automatically close once the vehicle has cleared the safety loop. Your transmitters will not open the exit gate.

Fire Department: The fire department can gain entry by using the firebox at the telephone entry system. Their trucks carry bull cutters and when they cut the lock and the lower the lid, the gate opens. The gate will open until the lid closed, this allows for multiple emergency vehicles to enter.

Safety loops: The system has three safety loops and one exit loop. The loops will prevent the gates from closing if a vehicle is on the loop and will reverse the gate if the loop is engaged while the gate is closing. Your vehicle cannot be in the path of the gate without being on a safety loop.